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Welcome to the world of Simpson Trump, the meme coin inspired by the legendary predictions of The Simpsons! If you’ve ever marveled at how this iconic show seemingly foresaw the future, then you’re going to love how we’ve turned that uncanny foresight into a revolutionary cryptocurrency. Trump Simpson ($TRUMP) isn’t just another meme coin—it’s a digital asset that captures the magic of one of the most talked-about predictions: the election of Donald Trump as President. We’re blending pop culture, satire, and crypto innovation to create a coin that’s as unpredictable and entertaining as The Simpsons itself.

Hold unto your $TRUMP and get RICH.

Connect your wallet, paste the $TRUMP token address into RAYDIUM. Now swap your SOL to buy $TRUMP.

You can deposit $SOL into your phantom wallet using any crypto exchange of your choice.

Create a wallet with Phantom. You can follow the easy steps when given the option to create a new account.

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